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Freebies, Resources, and my favorite things

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Enjoy these free exclusive tools, go-to-resources, and my favorite things! Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you buy. But, trust me, I only recommend the things I personally use and love!

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Free Gifts from Christy Jade
The 4-Min Meditation


Start the day off right or instantly boost

your mood anytime with just

four minutes of meditation.

This is a client favorite!

The Soul-Care for Mamas


If you're missing a CONNECTION

to yourself, this workbook will

help you reconnect and

care for your soul.

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Christy Jade, Mindset and Empowerment Coach
A free Facebook Community ...
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Christy Jade's Facebook Community

In this community, I help busy moms create boundaries and find balance.


Join us and learn to say yes to the right things, retrain your brain, and create an amazing life. I am confident you can because it has helped other women just like you.


We are a community! Being shy doesn't work when seeking personal growth, so get engaged, comment, discuss topics, and share your own stories!


Come here to love and support each other.

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Blanket and Laptop


Browse My Faves


Are you obsessed with that two-day delivery too? I've shared some of my top finds here.

Christy Jade's Personal Faves
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My obsession ... listen up!
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The best recipes, menu plans, home planners, and Bible journals to keep your life organized in style!

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Home Planner with Spring Cleaning Checklist
#notmyshit journal
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My simple yet crazy, powerful tool that has helped many of my clients and followers LET GO of negativity.


We often hold too much negative energy in our bodies, causing us immense stress and even illness.


Use this daily prompt journal and watch your life dramatically change for the better!

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Not My Shit Journal
My youtube Channel!

This is my favorite place to hang out with you!

Come join my fresh YouTube Channel to see behind-the-scenes-Christy for some declutter videos (my follower's favorites!), shopping hauls, and, of course, some self-care chat sprinkled in!


Speaking of sprinkles ... make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you are sure to get sprinkled with notifications every time that I upload fun and informative videos for you!

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Christy Jade YouTube Channel
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Follow my blog for some advice, mommyhood stories, and laughs!
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This or That
Which side of the super important stuff you’ll find me.
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Empowerment Life Coach
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Wait, So How'd You Get Here

Book a free call, and I’ll help you start living your best life!

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