Christy Jade, Transformational Coach

Are you a mom ready to reclaim your balance?

I’ll help you find balance through setting strong boundaries.
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Virtual Life Coach,
Yoga Instructor, and Author
in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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Empowerment Coach, Christy Jade
Welcome, Mama

I can help you find balance and rediscover your purpose as a mom.


Do you …

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Feel like you've lost yourself in motherhood?

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Love your children, your family, and your life but feel like there is something more?

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Say yes to everything and everyone?

​​I’ve been there. And I can help you find balance and set strong boundaries while keeping YOUR identity and sparkle!


It isn’t lost, I promise!


I’m here to tell you that you can be that woman every day.

Bonus! This will help you be an even better wife and mom.

Have you ...

Lost motivation?

Overthink everything?

Worry constantly about things that may not even happen?


I am here to help change that!

When You Coach with Me You Will ...
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Have fun!

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Feel so free!

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Fiercely protect your new boundaries!

Christy Jade, Women Empowerment Course
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To have this amazing new life, you need to make some changes, but it’s all worth it!

Brick by brick (and sparkle by sparkle), we’ll  figure out your priorities , start you on setting new boundaries and living a way better more balanced and fulfilling life so you can start living how you’re meant to live.


If you want to go to bed feeling great about your life, let’s connect and start this journey together!

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Here's how
can work together ...
Transformational Coaching

for moms

Reconnect with your desires outside of motherhood,

Create time for yourself and others, and

Start setting strong boundaries

To become the best mom and find your sparkle!

Mama Boost


I need-it-now guidance!

Cut through the fluff, and

Identify your blind-spots.

Feel hopeful and confident after this 1-hour Zoom call!



Do you feel out of control, have mom guilt, and

Feel moved to the bottom of your priorities?

Become a healthy role-model for your kids.

Walk away with confidence, clarity, and power.

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Transformational Coaching for Moms

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Reconnect with your desires in and outside of motherhood.


Create time for yourself (I looove that part!) and others.


Start setting those boundaries... to become the best YOU

leaving a trail of glitter on your way!

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"Christy helped me take charge and create time for myself to be me again. I love the gym and cooking again!"

Flora M.

~ Flora M.

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Here’s what you can expect from the 3-Month Package:

Through weekly calls and commitment to your purpose, we will reconnect you to your desires outside of motherhood so you can shine and be the best mom possible by …


  • Stepping into your power and gaining confidence in yourself and the daily decisions you make.

  • Creating time for self-care to have an amazing effect on yourself and your family. WITHOUT the mom guilt!

  • Creating boundaries for yourself and others to take charge of your life and focus on what is important and joyful.


You can do all this while being a kick-butt-mama!

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Ask yourself, “How amazing would it feel to have a balanced life through setting guilt free boundaries ?”


You can feel this in just 3 short months.

Start creating your identity here.

I want
Transformational Coaching

in just 3 months

I want to start
coaching today but only

one month at a time


Power Hour Call

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I need-it-now guidance!

Cut through the fluff and let’s sparkle up those blind spots.


Feel hopeful and confident after this 60-minute call.

Here’s what you can expect from the 1-Hour Zoom Call:

You are here for some I-need-it-now guidance.


Let’s unclutter those thoughts and get you feeling hopeful and confident by cutting right through the fluff to see what you cannot see from the inside.


In 60-minutes, I will help you make an awesome shift.

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Yes! I want to feel
                of my life!

in control

Boundaries Course

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Do you feel out of balance, tired, and shoved to the bottom of your own priorities?

Let’s get you back up there, shining all bright as a healthy role model for those precious mini-yous!

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Life Coaching for Moms by Christy Jade
Here’s what you can expect from this digital course:

This course is for mamas who ...


  • put themselves last.

  • feel guilty when they set boundaries.

  • feel overwhelmed and out of control.

Walk away with confidence, clarity, and balance. And some laughs … ‘cause we’re gonna have some fun too!


You’ll feel powerful and energized about life again.

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Yes, I'm ready to step into my power now.

I want this
insane deal on
this self-led,
digital course.

digital course