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Christy Jade, Life Coach

Find Confidence, Power and Peace
after Abuse 

Keep Calm & Sparkle
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Mom Coach

I will help you gain confidence, get your power back, and create joy in your life after abuse.


Through mindset work, boundaries and tried and true methods, you will get back in control and top it off with sprinkles of joy!

When you have harmony in your life, you will sparkle from the inside out! Start THRIVING!

Sprinkled Donut Lover

Are you...

Woman feeling overwhelmed with hand on head

Tired of walking on eggshells?


Sick of not being seen or heard?


Sick of the gaslighting and toxic manipulation?

I’ve got your back because I understand the priceless capability of taking your power back. I also know it is not easy. But it is doable and you will be glowing on the other side, even if you can't even see that now. 

Pink Swoosh

When we co-create this new chapter of your life, you will ...

Diamond in black and gold

Fly through life in a dazzling new uniform of confidence and power ... and maybe some gold shoes!

Diamond in black and gold

Stop putting up with mistreatment.

Diamond in black and gold

Create boundaries and say "yes" to all the RIGHT things!

It’s time to make that change so you can live your best life.

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Make Today Count image by Eleni Koureas
Gold & Pink Foil
Gold & Pink Foil


Grab Your free Soul-Care Workbook

Reconnect with yourself and what is important. Get back on top of being the amazing mom and woman you are!

to find confidence, power and peace!

Ways To Work With Me
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Gold & Pink Splatter
Work With Me

Transformational Coaching for Women

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Keep strong in your boundaries,

Stop getting sucked back into toxic situations, and

Start setting those boundaries...

To become the best YOU and find your sparkle!

Confidence Boost Call

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I need-it-now guidance!

Cut through the fluff, and

Identify your blind-spots.

Feel hopeful and confident after this 1-hour Zoom call!

Pink Swoosh
Pink Swoosh

Boundaries Course

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3 girls hugging and laughing

Do you feel out of control, not hold to your boundaries,

and feel moved to the bottom of your priorities?

Walk away with confidence, power, and peace.

Christy Jade wearing a green jacket with arms crossed
Hi, I'm Christy.

I'm a Proud wife. Adoring adoptive mama. Pink sprinkled donut lover. #Boundaries enthusiast. Sparkle is my favorite color!


I create boundaries and balance every day and it's my calling to help other women like you set boundaries too!


I help women go from survive to thrive!

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Gold Frame
Colette D.

Colette D.

I'm halfway through my program with Christy, and I can honestly say this is the best investment I've ever made.

Stefanie J.

Stefanie J.

Christy's unique perspective helps me shift my attitude and conquer situations that would have left me an anxious mess before.

Flor M.

Flora M.

Christy helped me take charge and create time for myself to be me again.

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